This Time Photography
Melissa Borgeson, Photographer

I love to capture moments in time. It gives me tremendous joy to share a smile that nobody else saw, to have a moment to savor that is now passed. All my years I have treasured photographs as a window to the past. As soon as I was old enough, my own camera was in my hands.
Becoming a mother changed how I saw the world. Having my own living, breathing subjects ignited a passion in me that I had not known was there. I find that capturing the everyday moments is something I want to do.
What began as a casual hobby of photographing my own life and children expanded to include my wonderful circle of friends and their families and children. From simple photo sharing and "Can you send me that?" became "Will you take a portrait for us?" and has evolved into something really special.

This Time Photography is a promise. It is for me. It is for you. It is my promise that This Time is yours. To capture and have for always. Whether it is a new infant in his or her first moments or weeks, a milestone event, holiday, birthday or a family celebration, my efforts are 100% focused on getting THIS image..THIS moment...THIS TIME.

To book your sitting, please email me at You will receive edited proofs hosted in your own secure gallery, with a password to share with your family and friends who wish to view your portraits. After initial review, print ordering is available online through this site and images are shipped directly to you.

All prints on the site are available for purchase by selecting "Buy Print". Thanks for visiting, and take your time looking around.

If you are visiting the site after your session, select "Client Area" above, and then look for your name on your album. If you need password assistance, contact me.

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